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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Don Murray
Qualifications - Diploma of Applied Science (Agriculture), Graduate Certificate (Irrigation)

As a Production Manager with South Pacific Seeds, Don Murray has extensive experience with a very wide range of vegetable seed crops from both the production side and through managing grower production contracts .

As a regional agronomist (MIA Rural) he has also covered a range of irrigated broad acre cropping, permanent horticulture, processing tomatoes, onions and a range of other specialty crops. Don has excellent rapport with growers which has resulted in the enhancement of many growers production systems.

From agronomy Don moved to a position as a Land and Water Management Plan Facilitator with Coleambally Irrigation involving the facilitation of farmer Education programs, implementing Environmental programs and directing the work of other environmental staff. Don then moved to the position of managing the irrigation distribution system in the first year that a new automated water distribution system was introduced.

Don took over full-time management of the home property in 2002 after spending several years of implementing soil improvement techniques as the first stage in developing the organic management system. The home property achieved organic certification in 2003 and has been under organic management ever since.
Elaine Murray
Qualifications - Diploma of Applied Science (Agriculture), Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Agriculture & Spatial Data Analysis)

Elaine has 10 years experience as a technician with CSIRO working on projects dealing with soil properties image analysis and using GIS information for suitability mapping.

The next 6 years as an IT manager with Coleambally Irrigation were involved with: setting up IT infrastructure with redundancy for critical systems enabling a server failure to be replaced within 30min; setting up data recording and reporting systems for capturing business data; implementing quality and environmental certification systems etc.

Elaine joined in Nature's Haven team in 2006 and has been involved in all aspects of the business but primarily on setting up all the systems for capturing, maintaining and reporting business information.

Brendan Murray
Studied electrical engineering in Canberra and then worked for a company building sensors for the Us military and then for the locata group in their R & D section building land based GPS systems with a primary target being the mining industry.

Brendan returned to the farm in 2009 and is now managing the NSW location of the business where his fault finding and great organisational skills have been a great asset to the business. He is now managing the sales for both the NSW and FNQ locations.