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Don training the recruits Don and Elaine have in excess of 40 years agricultural experience between them predominantly in vegetable seed crops, agronomy and agricultural research. In 2009 Brendan joined our operation enabling us to manage 2 separate locations with complimentary growing seasons.

Our NSW properties are very versatile and have a very reliable supply of good quality irrigation water. The soils are Sandy to Sandy Loams and provide good access in wet conditions allowing year round cropping. Vegetable cropping is predominantly in the Spring, Summer, Autumn period with some Winter vegetables and green manure crops through the Winter.

The original property has been under organic management since 2002 and is now fully certified to the Organic Standard. In 2005 the property also achieved compliance with the Freshcare guidelines as another step in fully implementing a food safety program.

Since this time an additional 3 properties have been added to our NSW operation giving us approximately 140 hectares under organic management in the NSW location.

Due to a large number of requests from our buyers to supply produce through the Winter we investigated areas in North Queensland that had suitable climate and would suit our management system. In 2009 the venture was extended to Far North Queensland to enable us to supply our major produce lines all year round between the 2 locations. 3 properties in Far North Queensland gives us the ability to crop approximately 300 hectares (with another 320 hectares which could be developed over time) in the Northern operation.

NSW & FNQ Combined Organic Certificate
Valid to Jan 2020
NSW Freshcare Certificate
Valid to Feb 2020
NSW HARPS Certificate
Valid to January 2020
FNQ Freshcare Certificate
Valid to 30 June 2020
FNQ HARPS Certificate
Valid to 30 June 2020
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